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10 Fabulous Ways to Enjoy your Movie Screen
Cyrus Roepers
Are you looking for ways to make special events more memorable? Apart from the entertainment, who doesn't want to hold a more fun, intimate experience for family and friends?
In the past few years there has been a rise in popularity of the inflatable movie screen technology. It is so loved and favored by many people who love to watch movies on a large screen and the event organizers because it has many beneficial features that provide them with a better screening experience.
If you are one of the many people who want to take the entertainment to another level, then Holiday Styling inflatable movie screen has you covered.  The screen is the best you will find out there for the price range. The frame is very sturdy and made of great material. It’s incredibly easy to setup and take down. The best part is how quiet the blower is. Check out our page to learn which one is best for you.
Here’s a list of events where you can impress guests with its great features:

  1. Baby shower – After the fun games, fun shower themes and gift-giving keep guests entertained set up an inflatable screen to watch movies that have a pregnancy or baby theme. It helps to know what parents-to-be are in for.

2. Weddings – It’s the most special day in a couple’s relationship. If this big day will be hosted in a luscious garden setting or on the beach, consider the wonderful opportunity that an inflatable movie screen would add to an outdoor wedding event. Show relatives, friends, co-workers and all the bride and groom’s childhood and milestone moments.

3. 4th July – It’s one of the favorite holidays of Americans. Celebrate independence with awesome parties and amazing cookouts with family and friends.  Watch an outdoor movie on one of our inflatable screens. When it’s over, get some booming fireworks!

4. Bridal shower – During dinner entertain guests with trivia, photography, videos or nice background imagery.

5. Bachelor party – A nice projected backdrop can really set the atmosphere for a fun night.

6. Kids parties – Fun, outdoor entertainment solution ideal for children that want to add some pizzas to their barbecue party.

7. Halloween - Find your favorite snacks, set up some cozy seating and gather your family and friends and their children and prepare for an exciting night while watching a Halloween movie.

8. Live TV events – Perfect to watch basketball and football games loud and clear.

9. Reunions – Create incredible, memorable experience that will last a lifetime.

10. Corporate events - Rather than putting that PowerPoint on a small screen or projecting it on a wall, have the power of a large inflatable screen. Your presentation about the highlights of your achievements, employee recognition, branding your corporation and more can be seen in vivid detail. So, whether you’re detailing the new initiative for the next quarter or giving a lecture on a new product or service, our screens make getting your point across that much easier.
Now, to make your next outdoor get-together feel more inviting, add a string of lights. It will help you create the best mood lighting.  The outdoor string lights pole look fabulous at night. They’ll look like stars that bring a magical ambiance. Make sure you tape down extension cords, so no one trips!

No matter how crazy busy your schedule may be, always remember that spending quality time with your family and friends is important. Money can’t buy you happiness but spending time with your loved ones is always a good investment.