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12 Ideas For The Perfect Family Movie Night
Lucy Sherman
12 Ideas For The Perfect Family Movie Night

Having the whole family around a big screen enjoying popcorn is the best way to spend the evening. It’s such an easy way to end a long week with some quality time together.

Here are 12 ideas for the best movie night with the family :


  1. Print Admission Tickets – How about giving the kids or the parents a ticket to Family Movie Night before they head out the door to school/work in the morning.  It’ll give them something fun to look forward to all day + its super easy to make and print.

  1. On the Floor – Load the floor with sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets for some snuggling.


  1. Take It Outside – Set up a projector and invite the neighbors for an outdoor movie night! 


  1. Have The Kids Choose - Get the kids to choose a movie that they would enjoy.

  1. Watch classic Disney movies - Nothing better than some classic Disney fun.


  1. Dress up party - Have costumes matching the movie characters

  1. Invite the neighbor kids and parents to join as well - You'll both enjoy the company, you can do it BYOB - Bring your own blanket.
  1. Be the Stars - Instead of watching a traditional movie, pull out the home videos and watch your own family in action. Pop the popcorn, snuggle up under blankets and enjoy a chance to reminisce together.
  1. Choose a Theme- Decide ahead of time what movie you'll be watching, and then turn the movie night into a themed event. If you're watching a movie about dinosaurs, for example, serve dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, and encourage your children to make dinosaur masks to wear while they watch. 
  1. Go on a Scavenger Hunt -Choose what movie your family will watch a day or two in advance, and create a scavenger hunt based on the movie choice. Make a list of characters and things your kids might see during the movie. Each time they spot one, they can mark it off on their scavenger hunt page. The person who finds the most items gets to pick the movie for the next movie night.

  1. Documentary movie night - chose a subject everyone would be interested in and watch a series of documentaries based on that.
  1. Unique snacks - DIY snacks to make together, maybe even let the kids cook this time!