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17 Unique Ways to Have the Best Outdoor Movie Night
Lucy Sherman
17 Unique Ways to Have the Best Outdoor Movie Night

17 Unique Ways to Have the Best Outdoor Movie Night


When the warmer evenings finally arrive, there’s probably no better feeling than enjoying your favorite movie, grabbing your favorite blanket, favorite people, and enjoy the warm summer nights in the best way.

Here are 17 unique ideas on how to have the best outdoor movie nights :

  1. Inflatable movie projector screen.

Technology has gifted us many items that we enjoy on a daily basis, one of them being inflatable projector screens that allow us to have champagne taste on a beer budget.

They are self-inflating entertainment centers ideal for backyard movie screenings. Set up time is about 20' and it's the perfect way to enjoy outdoors without huss.

  1. Unique decorations.

Setting up the mood is essential for having the perfect outdoor movie experience.

  1. Silent movie night.

Mute movies have been popular in the past, now you can have a new rendition. The opportunity to see instant classics while enjoying the blast from the past is a very unique idea for your outdoor movie night.

  1. Musical night/karaoke night.

Musicals are very popular because of the live music and dancing while adding the main story to keep the viewer interested.

You can add your favorite songs later as a karaoke night, using the projector screen for lyrics.

  1. Live show night.

Everyone loves a good live show, especially seeing it on a big projector screen. Bring the popcorn, chose your favorites and start the show!


  1. Tv show night.

Grab your friends, your favorite tv show and enjoy the episode!

  1. Pizza night.

Ordering in + movies = love.

  1. Fairy experience.

Fairy lights, pillows, blankets are pretty much the basis when it comes to decorating. You can personalize it by adding your favorite designs.

  1. Popcorn Popper.

This is pretty much the quintessential movie snack right here, people. 


Whether you're going with sangria or lemonade, you're gonna need a place to put your batch.

11.Outdoor Loveseat.

And don't forget that you'll need somewhere comfy to sit (that also has enough room for you to snuggle with SO while you watch).


12.Outdoor Bean Bag.

If you're rolling solo, melt into this outdoor bean bag

 13. Chalking It Up.

Direct your guests to the "theater" with a hand-drawn sign. For a marquee-like look, draw dots inside an arrow to point the way


  1. Soda-mazing.

Soda bars have been very popular at weddings and birthday parties. You can add it to your special night and have a unique activity!


  1. Make your own bar.

Chose your favorite meal or drink and set up a make-your-own bar.


  1. Movie tickets.

Send out invites to all your friends in the shape of a movie ticket!

  1. Set up a red carpet.

There is no harm in feeling a bit glam.