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Lucy Sherman
Do you love outdoor movie nights? If you are a fan of enjoying good film, why not
create your own outdoor theater? It’s truly magical watching a movie with your love ones under the stars and I love that you can do this right in the comfort of your very own backyard.

Scroll down to get some handy tips and tricks to make your outdoor movie night a party to remember!

1) Send out tickets
2) Set up a red carpet
3) Pick the right flick
4) Where are you going to set it up?
5) What is the best way to create the movie screen?
6) What sort of seating/furniture are you going to use?
7) Treats
8) Add some relaxing lighting for your movie night

Tickets, Please
Make printable tickets or mail out real invitations that look exactly like tickets or
including tickets in the envelope! Ask family members and friends to bring the
tickets, it’s a fun way to make it feel like a real theater. To wow the little movie-
watchers even more, you may gather up some cardboard boxes to make mini cars.

Set up a red carpet
With a red carpet it would feel like you are in a glamorous film premiere, a celebrity even or the Academy Awards. You might want to have a friend taking photos too!

Pick the flick
Pick a movie that everyone will enjoy.

Choosing a Spot:
  • By the pool if you have one. Or blow up an inflatable pool to relax in.
  • Inside a pergoda or a hut.
  • If you have a deck, this could be a place where people can sit to watch the movie – then project the movie onto a nearby wall or hang up a bed sheet.
  • Or how about building a simple raised platform just for your movie space
  • Choose a spot near a white wall. If you have a fence or a flat white wall on the outside of your house, this could be a place to screen your movie and set up your projector. Or there are the ideas listed below showing easy ways on how to set up an outdoor screen.



How To Create an Outdoor Movie Screen?

Here are some ideas on how to create an outdoor movie screen:

  • There is the idea mentioned above, which was to use a flat white wall
  • Hang up a white bed sheet in-between trees or poles
  • If you are hosting a large group of people, then hiring a large inflatable movie screen would be an option
  • Or create a DIY movie screen stand using PVC or plumbing pipes – which you can use to hang up a bed sheet
  • There are also portable stands.
  • Amid all the movie night preparations, remember this vital component! Make sure to test the projector or the laptop one or 2 days before the big event to ensure you get a great picture and incredible sound.


Furniture Ideas

  • Outdoor garden floor pillows are great for an informal and cozy atmosphere.
  • Comfy seating keeps your guests in their seat longer. Add some blankets to the ground. Make sure to use washable pillowcases and blankets that are okay to bring outside. If you have beach or deck chairs, adding a pillow instantly turns them into movie watching chairs!


Bring on the Snacks

What’s a movie without POPCORN and other goodies? Make sure you break out the good stuff. Craft up a popcorn bar for the guests, some candy treats, marshmallows and other mix-ins. Don’t forget sodas for easy grabbing – popcorn makes you thirsty!

Setting the Mood With Lighting

Consider stringing some outdoor lights up, lanterns or both around your movie screen to really create the movie magic for the night. Stake some tiki torches around (use citronella oil as it is a natural insect repellent) or use candles and lanterns.


Another fun option to brighten the night is to wear something that glows ex. Glow sticks and glow necklaces. The subtle glow will keep friends from tripping over one another or fumbling around in the dark for their food and drinks.