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Thanksgiving treasures for your host
Sarah Walker

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for the abundance in our lives, whether that's the good relationships we have with our friends and families, our opportunities, our health—and stuffing ourselves with turkey, pecan pie and mashed potatoes. This November don’t miss the chance to surprise your hostess with a special gift to show them that you care.

Whether it’s your in-law, sister, friend or parents who is going to be responsible for stuffing your belly on Thanksgiving dinner; they deserve an award for their hard work because preparing a turkey feast is, without fail, even more stressful than making Christmas dinner. Yes, a bottle of wine or flowers is always a nice gesture, but here are some thoughtful gifts (they make fabulous present for Mom too!) that will bring a smile to any host/hostess.


1. Outdoor String Light Poles

A new way to make outdoor space cozy. Create ambiance with these sturdy and durable poles.  A bright and beautiful outdoor setting will surely attract attention of friends and neighbors.



 2. Frasier Fir Pine Needle Candle

A candle is always a nice choice for a gift. The aroma of this holiday-inspired candle will relax and delight your recipient, no matter how stressed she is. Fir needles, cedarwood, and sandalwood come together for a scent that's as wonderful as the season itself.



3. Oil + Vinegar Instead of Wine

Photo Credit: Williams-Sonoma

Everyone's got different taste in wine, so instead of checking out which varietal your hostess likes best, go for something that everyone could use: extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. This beautiful set from Olivier almost look like perfume bottles. For any hostess that enjoys cooking, this gift will be essential.


4. Puzzle Piece Bamboo cutting boards


Photo Credit: bedbathandbeyond.com

Perfect to show off creativity this holiday. Line this set of three up along the center of the dinner table for a first course of cheese and charcuterie.


5. Titania Serving Platter

This pretty serving platter is designed by Nathalie Lete in collaboration with Anthropologie – captures the essence of a sunny afternoon spent in the garden. 


6. Sally Muir Dog-a-Day Dessert Plate

Any dog-loving host won’t be able to resist these small pup-themed plates.


7. A Yummy treat

Bring some sweet and spicy nuts in a pretty dish or put them in simple jars tied with twine. These are easy to whip up even if you're not someone who spends much time in the kitchen.


 8. Inflatable Movie Screen


This evening will surely be unforgettable. Get snuggled in while you watch your favorite movie and grab your snacks. Use a projector or an outdoor television. Holiday Styling movie screen is perfect for outdoor movie party!


9. A Beautiful Hand Soap


Photo Credit: Nordstrom, Inc.

This beautiful hand soap is a perfect go-to gift because it works for almost anyone. This is a great item to keep on hand for a guest bathroom or for holiday get-togethers. Just like their candles, this Diptyque softening hand wash has an intoxicating smell and will ensure you'll be invited back for Thanksgiving dinner next year.


10. Everyone Loves a Good Tote


Photo Credit: BAGGU

Another wonderful gift is a good tote. BAGGU makes totes in all sorts of colors, sizes and materials, and almost all of them fold up into a tiny pouch that is super easy to throw into your purse. These are handy to have on hand when you go food shopping, to the farmer's market or if you need a handy bag for turkey leftovers.