Laptop Projector Tripod Stand with Storage Bag

The Holiday Styling Laptop Projector Tripod Stand is the perfect partner to our inflatable movie screens.

We have three sizes of screen from the 16ft, Super Size 19ft and baby mini at 9ft that work excellently with this stand to position your projector.

The tripod base and sturdy plate with non-slip lip means your electronic hardware is taken care of and the steel frame with safety chain and peg will not allow any movement or risk of wobbling or failing

Your home theatre kit will be ready in minutes. The screen inflates in less then two minutes and you can put this stand up very quickly ready for the best home movie night ever.

Perfect for laptops and computers too with a sturdy weight bearing capacity to run your presentations at the office or college. Why not work while you stand to help with back and neck pain.

Our customers love this projector stand because:

  • It is made with strong steel to avoid cracks or bends
  • It is assembled with a reinforced steel pole with peg and chain safety lock
  • Metal plate is attached with easy to assemble screws for extra strength
  • The metal plate tilts for optimal viewing wherever you need the image
  • Safety metal lip to avoid slippage
  • Lightweight portable and adjustable from 30” – 44” with a handy carry bag when folded away

Stock does not last long so buy yours today ….. don’t forget it is only $30 with ANY HOLIDAY STYLING MOVIE SCREEN