Movie Screen Projector Storage Bag

Here is answer to your storage needs for your Huge Inflatable Movie Screen. Our 160" x 110" Movie Screen fits easily and safely in our new webbed, triple strength bag with compression straps. 

One you unhook your projector after a great home movie theatre night you can store your screen, ropes, pegs and blowerin this all-purpose bag ready for next time. 

Easy and quick to pack away -just deflate, fold and slide into the bag.Pull the draw strings together and use the straps to vacuum your Movie Screen safely away, in less than 3 minutes. 

Water proof, water resistant and tear proof, our bag can be used for all storage needs such as toys, camping and sporting equipment and even laundry. Send your child to college or set yourself up in your dorm, with this great fashion colour bag that is light weight and incredibly versatile.

Just wipe downwhen required and folds to a tiny piece when not filled, you will quickly realise that you might need a few of these bags for your many storage needs. 

Give this a try now and see how handy it is for your Movie Screen and all manner of items. 

100% satisfaction guaranteed so add this to your cart now and get set for Movie fun this weekend!